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20 Quick Tips to Follow to Keep Restaurant Employees Safe

commercial kitchen safety

Of course you want to keep your employees safe but it isn’t always easy to see how you can improve the safety at your restaurant. Hoodmart has compiled a comprehensive list of safety tips. While not all will apply to every type of restaurant, you’re sure to find some tips that can help you.

  1. Stick to LP gas cylinders that are US DOT approved.
  2. Test every LP gas cylinder for rust, corrosion, and leaks.
  3. Don’t install LP gas tanks on the roof of a mobile kitchen vehicle.
  4. Store all your combustible fuel far away from any other type of combustible.
  5. Insect your electrical system on a regular basis.
  6. Check the hydrostatic test date on any of your LP gas tanks.
  7. Store your LP gas tanks in an upright position.
  8. Use connectors that are flexible between your fixed piping system and your regulator outlet.
  9. Check your electrical cords and extension cords to ensure they’re not damaged.
  10. Make sure your generator is more than ten feet away from vehicles, buildings, structures, and combustibles.
  11. Turn off your LP gas tanks when your mobile food truck is moving or is unattended.
  12. Install an automatic fire suppression system and also keep fire extinguishers handy to serve as backup.
  13. Use only Type I commercial kitchen food truck exhaust hoods if you have cooking appliances that create grease vapors.
  14. Direct the exhaust of your generator away from your mobile cooking vehicle, as well as other vehicles, structures, buildings, openings, and exits.
  15. Ensure that every gas-fired cooking appliance has both an automatic and manual shutoff.
  16. Train your employees in how to use fire extinguishing equipment.
  17. Use a Type II commercial kitchen food truck exhaust hood for all appliances that don’t product grease, like ovens.
  18. Use the right grease containment supplies and hood filters for the specific system you have.
  19. Inspect and clean your exhaust hood regularly. Most truck can be checked semiannually or quarterly, though food trucks with solid fuel need to be inspected every month.
  20. Clean your hood filters regularly. If you have a dirty hood then it’ll be less efficient at capturing grease, which can put strain on your entire exhaust system.

At Hoodmart, we offer many high-quality products and appliances that can help your mobile kitchen run more efficiently and keep your employees safer.

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