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3 Steps to a Safer Hotel Kitchen


The safety of your staff and your patrons are both at stake in your hotel kitchen. Hospitalitynet created an article titled Make Your Hotel Kitchen Safer with These 6 Easy Steps that outlines the essential steps that will help improve your safety. Here are the three steps we find to be the most important.

1. Invest in an excellent fire suppression system

The article is very clear about the importance of a fire suppression system: “With excessive heat, grease and oils around, fires can flare up any time. Kitchen fires, if not curbed properly, can cause destruction to property and human life. Fire and flammable substances will always be present in a kitchen, which can consequently lead to damage. As a hotel/restaurant owner, you need to take appropriate precautions beforehand. How do you do that? Install the best, and most responsive kitchen fire suppression system to prohibit potential danger.”

2. Make sure every member of your staff is properly trained

The reality is that most accidents in the kitchen are the result of human error. The article lays out a few ways to work to ensure your staff is properly trained. “Provide adequate kitchen safety training to your staff. They should be trained to handle sharp utensils, kitchen fires, hot cooking equipment, and spills and slippery surfaces. When a new machine is added to the kitchen, the staff using it should be trained to use it properly. Possible dangers around new equipment must always be disclosed.”

3. Check the quality of your exhaust hood

The article is clear about having your exhaust hood professionally cleaned for a number of reasons: “Having your kitchen exhaust hood professionally cleaned helps to remove unwanted grease that causes catastrophic fire situations. Additionally, a clean hood system reduces the risk of mechanical failures that create an unsafe and unpleasant work environment. All commercial cooking operations must meet the standards set forth in NFPA 96: STANDARD FOR VENTILATION CONTROL AND FIRE PROTECTION OF COMMERCIAL COOKING OPERATIONS. Provision covers the design; installation; operation; and inspection, testing, and maintenance of the full spectrum of cooking equipment, hoods, grease removal devices, exhaust duct systems, fans, fire suppression systems, and clearance to combustibles. Studies have shown that a clean and healthy work environment leads to higher employee morale and productivity. This added benefit is invaluable when considering the hazards found in a commercial kitchen.”

While we agree that the cleanliness of your exhaust hood is important, we also know that a thorough cleaning is not always enough. Hoodmart can help you find affordable prices on high-quality commercial kitchen equipment.

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