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4 Reasons the Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Equipment You Need Will Vary from Other Restaurants

commercial kitchen ventilation

The type of commercial kitchen ventilation equipment your restaurant needs is unique to your restaurant. This why you see a variety of options when you shop with Hoodmart. Our experienced techs are happy to go through your needs and help you find the right equipment. Read on to learn four of the reasons that the equipment you’ll need will be different than the restaurant next door.

1. The type of food you cook is different from other restaurants

Does your restaurant cook identical dishes to the restaurant next door? If you do, that may not be the best business plan! It’s likely that you not only cook different foods but use different cooking methods and a variety of cooking equipment. When you choose ventilation equipment, you need it to be able to handle the exact type and amount of grease, smoke, fumes, and food odors from the type of food you cook.

2. The size and style of your kitchen is unique

If you toured every commercial kitchen in the country, you’d find some that were cramped and nowhere near the dining room. You’d find huge, open kitchens that are visible to the diners – and you’d find everything in between. It’s not hard to see that a kitchen that was on display for people eating would have different ventilation needs than a kitchen that is hidden in the back.

3. The intensity of cooking methods varies

If you’re buying an exhaust hood for a restaurant that offers quick service meals where most everything is already cooked and only needs to be reheated, then your needs would be very different than a kitchen in which everything is cooked from scratch. Then again, a kitchen that’s used primarily for baking would have different requirements than one that does a lot of frying.

4. You do more than cooking in your kitchen

It’s easy to see the differences between the way you cook and what you cook, but remember that you do more than cook in your kitchen. You also have a dishwashing area, with sanitizing machines that likely get extremely hot. They can give off huge clouds of steam and how close they are to your cooking area can have an impact on the right type of ventilation system for your kitchen.

No matter what your needs are, you can count on Hoodmart to offer a wide range of kitchen ventilation equipment.

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