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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Ventilation Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Ventilation Technology

If you’ve struggled to find the right commercial kitchen ventilation equipment, then we encourage you to reach out to Hoodmart for help. We specialize in this particular niche of the kitchen equipment industry and are ready to walk you through the process of selecting the right equipment for your needs. Read on to get some ideas of things you may not have thought to consider and then reach out to us for more information.

1. Your regular workload

A restaurant that’s only open for dinner, and that only has six tables, is going to have vastly different needs than a restaurant with 100 tables that’s open 24 hours. Don’t just think of potential capacity – think of both maximum and minimum. At times you’ll need your ventilation to handle peak activity while at others you’ll need to it adjust to off hours.

2. The heat

You want to think about the comfort of your employees – both in the kitchen and on the floor – as well as your diners. If your restaurant doesn’t have the right ventilation, then it can be extremely, unnecessarily hot for the kitchen staff while being drafty and cool for people in the dining room.

3. The various types of moisture

Kitchens are wet places and that moisture comes from a number of places. Think about every piece of equipment you use that gives of moisture. That list may include simply pots that you boil water in, or it may include dishwashers, steam tables, and even cleaning equipment. You need to control that steam or you run the risk of mold growing and having serious, corrosive damage to the building. There’s no question that it takes no time at all for moisture to condense on cool surfaces. Make sure your ventilation system can handle it.

4. The cost

In many kitchens, ventilation is the most expensive equipment. You do want to ensure you get equipment that does what you need it to do, but you don’t want to spend more than you want to. The good news is that Hoodmart offers factory-direct pricing that will impress you. When you work with us, you don’t have to choose between quality and value.

5. Standards, regulations, codes, and rules

There are a lot of regulations covering commercial ventilation systems. They are regulated for sanitation, fire control, air quality, and insurance regulations. Learning the requirements can be a challenge but Hoodmart can help. Reach out today to learn about our ready-to-go systems that are guaranteed to be to code.

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