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5 Reasons to Seriously Consider Adding More Local Foods to Your Menu

Local Foods Buffet

It may seem like there a billion and one things to keep up on when you own a restaurant. Hoodmart is here to make it easy for you to have all of your kitchen ventilation needs met but can help in other ways as well. After watching the restaurant industry progress in the last few decades, one thing that many restaurants say has made the biggest difference is moving to add more local foods. Here are just five reasons this may make sense for your restaurant.

1. You’ll get fresher ingredients

Would you be surprised to know that the average commute for produce in the U.S. is 1500 miles? As a result, those fruits and veggies are engineered and treated in a specific way – to handle long-distance travel. Local foods only have to travel a fraction of that distance. As a result, growers can concentrate on creating foods that are beautiful, delicious, and nutritious instead of food that will last for weeks.

2. They’re more delicious

If you’ve ever eaten product straight from a garden then you know that local foods simply taste more delicious. Just like almost everyone would rather eat homemade bread than they would store brand bread, eating local veggies and fruits is simple more delicious than eating mass marketed foods from thousands of miles away.

3. You’re supporting your local economy

As a part of your local economy, you want to do what you can to give back. When it comes to big purchases like exhaust hoods, you must focus on getting the right piece of equipment at the right price. However, when you’re shopping for tomatoes and other local produce, you can shop locally. Not only will you get tastier food, but you’ll be building relationships with people in your community who are likely to visit your restaurant in turn.

4. Your marketing plan will thank you

When you’re able to add “farm fresh” or “locally grown” to your menu descriptions, you’re going to appeal to more consumers. Trust us that this is a major selling point for virtually any type of restaurant.

5. Local foods keep you on your toes

If you focus on local foods, then you’re simply going to have to change your menu more often. Why? Because you’re only getting foods that are in season. If the idea of changing your entire menu often intimidates you, consider simply getting local foods for your specials.

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