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5 Simple Ways to Give Back to the Community With Your Food Truck

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If you’re lucky enough to own a successful food truck then it’s likely largely due to the support of your community. At Hoodmart we like to show appreciation to our customers and we’re here to suggest a few ways you can show appreciation to yours.

1.         Collect school supplies

As classes get underway across the country, there’s no better time to collect school supplies for local schools. Just put out a message on your social media platforms and let everyone know which school you’ll be donating them to, or which community center. Then give residents your route and they can stop by to donate school supplies right to your truck. You may also offer some incentive for people to do so, like a free side if they bring in a certain high-demand item.

2.         Offer discounts for certain people

It’s common to give discounts to veterans or students but why not offer discounts to a certain type of person that you’re most appreciative of? For example, you may offer teachers a 10% discount or offer police and rescue workers a free side with their order.  

3.         Run customer appreciation contests

You want to reward your biggest fans with the best rewards but how can you tell who your biggest fans are? Simple – run a contest! You can randomize it if you’d like, so everyone who enters has an equal chance, or you can ask people to post on social media about the reasons they love your food truck. Then choose the one that you feel does the best job representing your company.

4.         Collect food for food pantries

Food pantries across the country get a ton of donations around Thanksgiving and through the beginning of the year but they can be hurting at other times of the year. In fact, they often give away significantly more food during the summer when children are out of school, and in many cases they start the school year out depleted.

5.         Continue offering excellent service!

Some trucks are running on razor thin margins and we get it! While it’s tempting to want to give back to your community, remember that you’re providing jobs and are stimulating the economy. If that’s all you can do right now, then that’s fine. It’s better to invest in the exhaust hoods or other equipment you need to stay in business than to give away what you can’t afford. Do you need help finding the best equipment for your food truck? Turn to Hoodmart today!

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