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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan

commercial kitchen exhaust fan

It’s important to choose the right commercial kitchen exhaust fan. While most restaurant managers know the basics of what they need, they’re not always sure of the specifics. You’re always welcome to give the pros at Hoodmart a call and our product specialists can help you find the right match for you budget and your needs. Otherwise, read on for the top five things to think about when you’re shopping.

1. Where you’ll install your fan

First of all, think about where you’re going to install your exhaust fan. The majority of the fans available to you will be designed for mounting on the rooftop, in the duct, or at the wall mount. The location you’re planning to mount it will affect what type of housing you need as well as accessories you may need to buy.

2. Do you want a belt drive or a direct drive fan

In a belt drive fan, the belt and motor pulley system is connected directly to the shaft of the motor and drives the fan. On the other hand, a direct drive fan is generally more efficient – up to 10% more efficient in fact – and typically don’t require much maintenance since they don’t have as many components.

3. The right tools for the job

You’re looking for a heavy duty scraper that is made entirely from steel. A comfort grip is important as well because you want to get a good grip. You’ll likely have several length options, so just choose the one that works with the size of your equipment. Ideally it’ll have a steel end cap a well as one heavy duty blade.

4. The minimum CFM

CFM refers to the cubic feet per minute of air movement. Some companies know this as the air volume rate. Either way, a light duty oven range may only need 50 CFM while a heavy duty fryer may need 100 CFM. It all depends on your equipment.

5. Horsepower

Finally, consider the horsepower, which is the amount of power the motor puts out. Keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily refer to how much power the motor’s capable of delivering, but rather how much power is required to get the job done.

If you have further questions about exhaust fans or other exhaust equipment then Hoodmart is here for you. Work directly with the manufacturer and get the lowest prices – guaranteed!

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