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5 Things You Should Get from Your Commercial Vent Hood System

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Commercial range hoods are installed in kitchens for a number of reasons, including removing smoke and grease from a restaurant. Today there are many types of restaurant vent hoods, each with its own style, shape, and size. Building a complete kitchen exhaust system requires considering where the doors are, where the range vent hood will be placed, how many windows there are in the kitchen, and other factors. However, no matter which type of hood vent you install, you should be able to count on five things from it.

1. You can open your entrance door without struggling against it

If the entrance door to your restaurant is hard to open, then it’s likely your ventilation system isn’t doing its job and a vacuum has formed. You’ll know you’ve got a good system when your door opens smoothly and without issue.

2. Lower heating and cooling bills

A good commercial kitchen ventilation system will run efficiently and will allow your HVAC system to run efficiently as well. As a result, it will cost less to heat and cool your restaurant than it would with an inferior commercial vent hood.

3. You should have little smoke or grease vapor

Depending on what your particular kitchen cooks and the volume you do at any given time, you may not be able to see a kitchen that’s free of smoke 100% of the time. However, most operations should only see smoke long enough for it to be pulled into the ventilation system.

4. The chance of a fire will be lower

A fire is devastating to any kitchen. When you’re dealing with hot surfaces, fire, knives, and water, there’s no question that it’s a potentially dangerous situation. While a kitchen manager can’t prevent any and all injuries or kitchen accidents, there are steps that can make a kitchen safer. A good ventilation system will lower the chance of fire – thus making the kitchen safer.

5. Humidity levels will be lower

Working in a hot kitchen is something that chefs and their line cooks can get used to, but there’s no getting used to humidity. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it is actually dangerous. A good ventilation system can help pull that moisture out of the air, which lowers the humidity.

To learn more about selecting the right vent hood system for your needs, let Hoodmart help.

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