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5 Ways Your Commercial Kitchen Could Start Saving Money

commercial kitchen ventilation

No matter how well a restaurant is doing, a savvy manager is always looking for ways to save money without compromising the quality of food or service. At Hoodmart, we have gathered a few ideas that you could incorporate today and start saving money tomorrow.

1. Invest in energy efficient lighting

One of the fastest, simplest ways to lower your energy costs is to ensure you’re using modern LED lightbulbs that are much more efficient than the traditional incandescent lights of yesteryear. You can invest LED lighting not just in the kitchen but in the seating area, bathrooms, etc. Not only do they use less energy, but they need to be replaced much less frequently too.

2. Make sure your walk-in is up to the task

Your walk-in cooler uses an incredible amount of energy because it’s always running. If you find ways to make it run more efficiently, then you can potentially save significantly on utilities every year. Automatic doors ensure that the door isn’t accidently left open, strip curtains can fight exterior air infiltration, and upgrading to a new more energy efficient can save you money in the long run as well.

3. Change your hood filters

When your hood filters get dirty, less air goes through them and your exhaust fan is forced to work that much harder. As a result, clean hood filters are going to lead to less energy use, it’s as simple as that.

4. Improve your defrosting methods

If your kitchen runs water to defrost frozen items then you’re wasting water. Take a look at your anticipated needs for the week and make a schedule for defrosting items. Many restaurants include taking food out to defrost as part of their morning prep routine, or perhaps you can make it part of a shift-based schedule. However you do it in your restaurant, improving your methods for defrosting can result in lower water bills.

5. Stay up to date on preventative maintenance

By regularly inspecting your equipment and hiring the pros and handle significant maintenance, you can prevent small problems from turning into big ones. Maintenance will also help ensure your restaurant equipment lasts as long as possible.

If you need help finding the right commercial kitchen equipment then you’re at the right place. Hoodmart is here to provide direct-to-business prices and expertise for every customer.

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