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6 Common Problems You Can Solve with a Make Up Air Unit in Your Commercial Kitchen

make up air unit commercial kitchen

A make up air unit in your commercial kitchen adds air to replace what you’re drawing out with your commercial exhaust hood. In some cases, you may even want more than one. For example, you may want one for appliances that generate steam, like a dishwasher, and appliances that generate heat and grease, like a fryer. At Hoodmart, we can help you find the right choice, but first consider these six problems that can be helped with the installation of a make up air unit.

1. Odors

A make up air unit can help you have more control over airflow, which means you can direct any unpleasant odors away from customers and to an area that they won’t be noticed.

2. Negative air pressure

If you don’t have the right air balance then you could be dealing with a long list of air pressure issues, including doors that are impossible to open, doors that small shut, or drafts. These are all caused by negative air pressure and can affect the experience of your customers if they hear the whistles, rattles, and slamming doors that come along with them.

3. Heating and cooling issues

If your chimney isn’t property drafting, then you’re likely to have issues with your heating system. For example, if you have pilot lights that are constantly going out, or if your stacks and heat exchangers have become damaged, then a make up air unit can help.

4. A kitchen exhaust hood that’s not performing well

Put simply, your exhaust hood can’t do its job well if it has to deal with a lack of air supply. Why? Because static pressure can reduce the CFM of air that your exhaust hood can get out of your kitchen.

5. Too much grease in your kitchen

Have you noticed that grease is always building up on your kitchen surfaces? Does your staff spend more time than they should cleaning up grease? A make up air unit can help.

6. Issues with air quality

The safety and the health of your employees requires you to ensure the air quality is as good as possible. A make up air unit can improve air quality – which can improve the comfort and health of your employees. This can lead to fewer call-ins as employees may not get sick or have their allergies triggered.

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