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A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Rooftop Grease Spills

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Rooftop grease spills can be serious business. Of course, the best way to deal with them is to ensure you have the right equipment to prevent them. A commercial exhaust fan from Hoodmart is a great way to protect yourself, but if you do have a spill then we’ve got you covered with this simple guide.

A slippery rooftop may be more serious than you think

Sometimes, food truck owners believe that rooftop spills aren’t that serious. The truth is that they can significantly increase the chances that your employee or a contractor is injured if they’re working on the roof of your truck. The compounds in the grease can also damage your roof if it’s not cleaned up soon after the spill.

Start with the right cleaning products

Your first step is to grab some Grease Away or a similar emulsifier that can neutralize the compounds in the fat and break them down for easy washing away with water. Start by sprinkling the emulsifier on the area that has grease. Make sure you cover the whole surface because the compounds in the emulsifier will start work right away. Then let it sit for 24 hours.

Rinse with water

After 24 hours have gone by, the agents within the emulsifier will have broken down all the oil to the point that it can be easily washed away. Just rinse it with plain water, either from a hose or perhaps you’ll get lucky and a rain shower will wash it away. If you do let rain do the work for you, it’s a good idea to check on it and make sure that all signs of the oil and emulsifier have been removed. If not, grab a bucket of water and wash away the residue.

Think about the environment when cleaning up grease spills

What we like about these type of emulsifiers is that they’ve got plenty of power to break down the grease but they’re still safe for the environment. Basically, they work by turning the fats into a base and lowering their pH level. What remains is biodegradable and can be washed away without worrying about ecological damage. In fact, the EPA has approved Grease Away to treat grease stains.
Of course, the best way to treat grease spills is to avoid them in the first place. Contact Hoodmart today for help in finding the right products for your needs.

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