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Are Food Truck Festivals Worth Your Time?

food truck festivals

All over the country, food truck festivals are popping up. In some areas, they happen once a year and bring more than 100 food trucks to a particular area. In others, they happen weekly and bring just a few food trucks. Either way, are they good idea to participate in? Some food truck owners have their doubts.
One of the concerns we see quite a bit is that you’re essentially just asking for competition. One of the great things about driving a food truck is that it’s mobile. If one area becomes less competitive then you can just leave and find another area that hasn’t been saturated. When there’s a festival going on, you’re stuck there with up to dozens of trucks and will have to compete with each of them.
While that might seem to make sense on the surface, the real reasons to check out food truck festivals are more complicated. First of all, they’re a great way to let people know that your food truck exists. In fact, they don’t have to eat your food that day to become a future customer. For example, let’s say that another truck gets their interest. They try the food and find that it’s not as delicious as they’d thought it would be. Perhaps the truck didn’t have the right exhaust equipment and couldn’t serve freshly cooked food. That customer may go to you the next time they see you.
Second, it’s a way to network with other food truck drivers. Many owners scoff at this idea and wonder why they’d want to get close to the competition. The reality is that there likely aren’t very many food truck vendors in your area and you’re all trying to do the same thing. Why not pool information on which corners are more likely to attract a crowd and which ones aren’t? Why not work together to fight prohibitive ordinances in your area?
Of course, the main reason you want to show up to a food truck festival is because you’ll be able to interact with new customers. Try giving out free samples to get people to flock to your truck. Once they taste your delicious foods, they’ll pull out their wallets and try some more!
If you need help outfitting your food truck with the right ventilation equipment then HoodMart is the company for you. We’ve been in this business a long time and know exactly how to get your truck ready to roll.

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