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Are Food Trucks and the Humane Society a Perfect Match?

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Here at Hoodmart, we’ve highlighted ways that food trucks have helped their communities in a number of ways. We’ve discussed food trucks handing out free lunch to kids during school breaks, food trucks offering free food to police officers, and food trucks donating a portion of their income on a given day to a specific charity. Today we’re here to tell you about another way food trucks are helping their communities: By parking in their parking lots.

The story behind it

In some communities, when a food truck announces their location you can count on dozens of cars showing up in a matter of minutes. Why not use this instant marketing for a better cause? Food trucks are parking at places like the Humane Society during pet drives to get people in the parking lot. Once they’re there, they’re more likely to come in and see exactly what the Humane Society is up to.

This could be a perfect solution for food trucks too

One of the challenges of running a food truck is the fact that the rules vary from one state to another. For example, one state may require one type of exhaust hood while another state may require something totally different. Rules can even change from city to city.

In some communities, the local law enforcement and zoning boards are grateful for food trucks. In other areas, they work hard to try and keep them out of the neighborhoods by passing laws that make it very challenging or even impossible to get a permit.

One thing they’ve tried is to pass very specific laws about how long food trucks can park in a particular spot, or that they must be parked within a certain number of feet of a public bathroom. If the Humane Society welcomes them to their parking lot, then it could solve problems both sides are having.

What else could this work for?

So far we’ve heard about food trucks and the Humane Society working together in this way but at Hoodmart we’re wondering how else this idea could be used. For example, when a local school has a bake sale for their drama department, why not invite food trucks to the party? This is a great win-win opportunity for food trucks to gain new fans while helping out others in their community.

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