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Are Food Trucks Good or Bad for Commercial Shopping Centers?

food trucks

Food trucks are popping up all over the country and in many areas they’re really thriving. However, other business models are wondering how these food trucks are going to affect their bottom line. One interesting thing to consider is the owners of commercial shopping centers, many of which have restaurants on their grounds. Are food trucks good or bad for their business model?

Food trucks bring high quality ingredients

There’s no question that fast-casual restaurants, that is, restaurants that offer relatively quick service and food but with quality ingredients, are on the rise. As a result, it’s easy to see that consumers are looking for great ingredients and that they’re not as interested in the options that are typically available at food courts.

For owners of commercial shopping centers, food trucks can be the perfect option – they keep shoppers happy and prevent them from leaving the center just to grab a bite to eat.

Food trucks bring foot traffic to shopping centers

The truth is that food trucks can draw some pretty impressive foot traffic. When they exist in urban settings, food trucks at public spaces often become destinations for consumers. If food trucks are parking in the lots of shopping centers, it stands to reason that the stores in those shopping centers could benefit from the increase in foot traffic.

Food trucks could end up being new tenants

Owners of commercial shopping areas often assume that food trucks aren’t going to be tenants but there are actually several ways that they can make money directly from food trucks. First, they could charge rent for the food trucks to park in their parking lots. Second, many food trucks start out as trucks but eventually move into a brick and mortar spot. If they decided to do that, and they’re already a presence in the parking lot at a particular commercial shopping center then it stands to reason that they may indeed rent a spot in that center.

Are you considering opening a food truck?

If you’re looking for spots to park your food truck, a commercial shopping center may be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for a company to help outfit your food truck kitchen, then HoodMart is the company you’re looking for. Reach out to us today for help with all your ventilation needs, including exhaust hoods, fans, fire suppression, and more.

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