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Can Food Trucks Really Help Improve Security?

food trucks

There are a lot of reasons people choose to open a food truck, and a lot of reasons to love having them run in your community. However, some cities are starting to wonder if they can’t just keep their neighborhoods and citizens safer. Here’s how it’s working in one city.

Food trucks are parking in commuter lots

The way it’s working in one city is that food trucks are paying for permits to park in commuter lots at night and early in the morning. The fees they pay to park there are going directly toward paying for more cameras and more security in these lots. It’s a win-win for cities that see a lot of crime in their commuter lots and don’t have the finances to do much about it.

There’s a second way food trucks are improving security

Adding more security personnel and more cameras are both good ways to increase security, but another point that’s been made is that these trucks can lower crime just by being there. After all, why do criminals flock to commuter lots in the morning or at night? Because there aren’t many people around. If they know there’s a food truck that’s going to be parked there, their chances of being seen are increased – and they may be less likely to commit the crime they were thinking of.

Most reduction in crime is property related

Of course, most of the crime that would be reduced is related to property theft. For example, one consumer lot had an issue with the windows being broken in cars when no one was around, and another actually had numerous incidents of wheels being stolen right off of vehicles. No one expects the food truck operators to get involved and stop crime, but their mere presence can dissuade these types of vandalism and theft.

Those food trucks need the right equipment

At Hoodmart, we’re happy to see food trucks opening up for any reason. Not only do we love the food we’ve had at many food trucks around the country, but we look forward to providing them with exceptional ventilation systems. One of the best things about working with us is that we guarantee that every system we sell will comply with your local codes. To learn more about your options, reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to help you find the equipment you need.

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