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Commercial Hood Filters for Less: Learn How to Avoid the Cost of Custom Filters

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Any restaurant owner who wants a clean restaurant, a safe restaurant, and a restaurant that meets minimum fire codes must have the right exhaust hood and ventilation system for their needs. However, if that system doesn’t have a filter that fits correctly, it won’t work as efficiently, it may not balance correctly, and it may mean you’re out of compliance with fire and building regulations.

For the most part, hood filters are relatively affordable and can be found in many sizes. However, some hoods don’t match up perfectly with the standard sizes that are available. It’s possible to get filters custom made for your specific size, but this can be prohibitively expensive for many restaurants. The good news is that there are other options.

We recommend using hood filter spacers to bridge the gap between the filters that are readily available and your hood size. These spacers come in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and galvanized, to ensure that they fit right in with the look of your kitchen. This is essential for open kitchens. They also come in a variety of custom sizes that range from 1.5 inches to 6 inches.

How to measure your hood for the right filters and spacers

It’s easier than you may think to measure your hood to ensure you get the right filters and spacers. For example, let’s consider a hood that’s 85 inches wide and 9 ½ inches tall. This space would require 4, 10x16 filters and a single 10x20 filter. There would be leftover space though, which would be filled with a spacer that’s 3.5 inches. Note that spacers are almost always the same height as the filters.

When it’s time to install your spacers, make sure you put them either at one or both ends of your hood. These are the spots with the least heat flow – which means you’ll have the actual filters installed where they’ll maximize the flow of air.

Using these filter spacers can help you save a ton of money and can save you waiting for weeks to get your custom filters in. Remember that Hoodmart offers a wide range of products that meet your needs for less than you may expect. We are the factory, which means we can pass on significant savings to you by cutting out the middle man. Turn to us for all your commercial exhaust needs!

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