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3 Factors to Consider When Setting Your Commercial Kitchen’s Exhaust System Cleaning Schedule

commercial kitchen exhaust system

You likely know that it’s important to clean your exhaust system on a regular basis, but what does that mean for your restaurant? Does that mean monthly? Quarterly? More often? Less often? At Hoodmart we’d love to provide a clear schedule for every restaurant, but the truth is that it will vary based on three main factors. Read on to learn more about them or contact us to find out how often to clean your particular exhaust system.

1. How long your restaurant is regularly open

First of all, take your commercial kitchen’s workload into consideration. The harder it has to work, the more often your exhaust system will need to be cleaned. After all, there’s a direct link between how many hours your restaurant is on and how much grease is building up in your exhaust system.

2. What are you cooking up?

Of course, what you’re cooking is also going to impact how frequently you need to clean – and how you’re cooking it is important too. For example, consider that a restaurant that works with solid fuels like wood would likely need to clean out their exhaust fans ever month. However, a restaurant that cooks via charbroiling only and is only open twenty hours a week is likely to only need cleaning quarterly or even semiannually.

3. The state of the equipment that protects it

Would you agree that your body works best when you take good care of it, keep it in good shape, and maintain it on a regular basis? The same is true for an exhaust system. As one example, consider hood grease filters. They’re not going to do a good job of capturing grease and other debris if they’re clogged up and dirty. These should be cleaned at least weekly or you’ll be seriously risking a fire.

When your filter is cleaned regularly, then your entire exhaust system is likely to be in good shape for longer. As you can see, these parts all work together and the better you take care of each part, the better the system works as a whole.

At Hoodmart, we have years of experience working exclusively in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. If you have questions about what you need to purchase for your new restaurant, whether it’s time to upgrade your system in an existing restaurant, or anything else about exhaust systems then we invite you to reach out to us today!

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