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Design Guidelines That Can Help Improve Air Quality in Commercial Kitchens

commercial kitchen ventilation

At Hoodmart, we can offer you a wealth of options in ventilation systems, all of which can help improve the air quality in your commercial kitchen. That said, buying the right ventilation equipment isn’t the only step you can take to improve air quality. Another step you can take is to design your kitchen in such a way that the effectiveness of your exhaust hood is maximized – which will then help improve the air quality not only in your commercial kitchen but in the dining room of your restaurant as well. Read on to learn more and then reach out to us with any questions.

Consider where you’re putting your cooking equipment

First and foremost, try to install your cooking equipment as close to a wall as you can. If there is a gap between the back of your equipment and the wall, then the best option is for you to seal that gap in some way. Your local contractor should have some ideas.

Choose wall-mounted exhaust hoods if possible

In a perfect world, we always recommend wall-mounted exhaust hoods over overhead hoods. Note that they do work better if mounted to the wall, but the equipment you’ll purchase from Hoodmart will all be effective. There’s no need to completely redesign your kitchen just to be able to utilize a wall-mounted exhaust hood, but if you have a choice, choose the wall-mounted option.

Pay attention to where your vent hoods hang

You want your vent hoods to hang over your cooking appliances. This will increase the amount of smoke and grease they’re able to capture – and after all, that’s the point of them! Obviously you don’t want to hang them in the way but they should be hung over the appliances themselves if you want to maximize grease and smoke capture.

Mount hoods as low as you can

You want to mount your hoods as low as reasonably possible. Of course, your staff needs easy access to your equipment so make sure it’s not in their way. That said, as low as you can mount it without interfering with their job, the better.

These are just a few tips and remember that they can’t apply to every kitchen. If you’re not able to follow them all, that’s fine – just follow the ones you can. If you have questions about how to best ventilate your commercial kitchen, let the pros at Hoodmart help.

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