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Do Food Truck Customers Follow Their Favorites on Social Media?

food truck customers

Many food truck owners believe that most of their customers find them by following them on social media. While this may have been true before, a recent survey appears to show that it no longer is. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, only about 13% of customers find food trucks on social media.
So if they’re not finding them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, where are they finding them? Almost 75% say they’re finding them the old fashioned way: by simply running across them on the street.
Does this mean food trucks, or mobile dining as the survey refers to them, is coming to an end? Quite the contrary – it means it’s evolving and maturing. At first, they were almost underground operations with chefs who needed to keep their customers up to date via social media, whether it was with info on their location or their new menus.
Though it’s true that trucks may still move around quite a bit, customers indicate that they want trucks who operate on a schedule that they can reasonably predict. This doesn’t mean they have to be on the same corner every day, but customers want to know that on a Tuesday afternoon they’re likely to find their favorite truck serving up tacos, or that they’ll get a breakfast sandwich from their favorite truck on Thursday mornings.
More than half of the people surveyed said that the way they found their favorite food truck was by going to an area that housed numerous food trucks together. Almost 40% said they get info about food trucks from friends. At Hoodmart, we find these changes to be interesting and in fact they remind us a little of the real estate business – it looks like it’s becoming all about location.
People who frequent food trucks are looking for convenience, and that’s no surprise. After all, it’s a lot easier to walk up to a truck and select food that is made to be ready relatively quickly than it is to walk a few blocks, stand in line, place an order, and wait another fifteen minutes for food.
Finally, one last piece of data we found particularly interesting: The number of customers who would enthusiastically visit a food truck run by their favorite brick and mortar restaurants is on the rise. 59% of people said they would, while just a year ago that number was considerably less than 50%. If you’re interested in getting into the food truck business, don’t forget to invest in quality commercial ventilation products from the experts at Hoodmart.

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