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Do You Have the Right Equipment for Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System?

commercial kitchen exhaust system

Buying the right exhaust hood is the first step is important, but once you’ve bought the equipment you need and had it installed, your job isn’t done. You must also keep it cleaned and regularly maintained. Doing so will help prolong its life and will also assure that it works as well as possible. However, many kitchen managers wonder: How exactly are they supposed to clean their equipment? The good news is that there are numerous tools that will do the job.

The right tools make it faster and easier

Can you clean your exhaust hood and other parts of your kitchen ventilation system without special tools? It’s likely that you can, but how long will it take you? How much of a hassle will it be? If you choose the right scrapers and blades, they’ll help you quickly and easily get rid of grease that buildups inside and will provide direct cleaning access to whole system.

You may be required to use a scraper

If your kitchen uses solid fuel cooking appliances, then the fire codes require that you scrape clean the combustion chamber weekly – at a minimum! Regardless of what type of cooking you do, it’s wise to scrape your system regularly because a dangerous amount of grease can accumulate faster than you think. If it’s not regularly scraped and cleaned, it will become a fire hazard.

The right tools for the job

You’re looking for a heavy duty scraper that is made entirely from steel. A comfort grip is important as well because you want to get a good grip. You’ll likely have several length options, so just choose the one that works with the size of your equipment. Ideally it’ll have a steel end cap a well as one heavy duty blade.

We can help you find the right equipment and properly maintain it

At Hoodmart, we’re not here just to sell you commercial restaurant equipment. We’re also here to support your purchase as long as you need us to. Feel free to call us with the specifics of your system and we’ll let you know what your cleaning and maintenance options are. Remember that with cleaning, your goals are twofold: Making sure you’re meeting or exceeding fire codes, and keeping your kitchen clean and safe. A few hours of prevention a month can prevent a serious problem.

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