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Do You Know the Most Common Causes of Restaurant Fires?

restaurant fires

No restaurant owner wants their restaurant to be susceptible to fire but the reality is that it is. Every building is flammable, but when you fill a building with hot oil, fire, and the other necessities of a commercial kitchen, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your staff, your restaurant, and your customers as safe as possible. At Hoodmart, we want to make sure that restaurant owners understand the most common sources of restaurant fires.

Issues with wiring

Restaurant owners don’t need to be told how important it is that they keep up to code. Both local safety requirements and industry-wide standards aren’t there just to keep customers safe and healthy, they’re also there to ensure that your power source doesn’t start fires or cause other issues. If you have electrical wiring that’s exposed, old, or faulty, then you’re at risk for one of the most common causes of kitchen fires.

The good news is that preventing a fire caused by electrical wiring issues is pretty simply. Just look at your OSHA guide and follow its standards for maintaining your wiring. Depending on the type of equipment you have in your kitchen, the size of your kitchen, and other factors, the standards you follow will vary but they will be outlined by OSHA. One of the keys is to remember that even if your electrical system is very well maintained, you need to make sure that your flammable materials aren’t in contact with wall outlets.

Clogged filters

Your exhaust hood is designed to reduce grease, gas, smoke, and odors, and it is an important part of the safety of your kitchen too. However, if it’s clogged or otherwise not maintained, it can end up being a fire hazard itself.

Rags and towels

If your staff uses rags to wipe up flammable substances, like grease and oil, then you must make sure that those rags and towels don’t accumulate throughout your kitchen. After a rag is used on flammable substances, it should be put in a non-flammable bin outside the kitchen area.

At Hoodmart, we wish fires could be prevented 100% of the time but that’s simply not a reality. That’s why fire suppression systems also play a critical role in keeping your kitchen safe. Reach out to us today to learn how you can keep your kitchen safe.

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