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Do You Know What the Three Advantages of Food Trucks Are?

Food Truck coming over the Hill

There are a lot of ways to make money preparing food for people: restaurants, catering, baking, etc., but food trucks are growing in popularity for one essential reason – or really, three: they have a lot of advantages. Seeking Alpha published an article titled 3 Perks Food Trucks Offer CRE Owners that pointed out these three great advantages.

1. Customers who seek higher quality ingredients will get what they want

The article notes that higher quality ingredients are available. “The evolution of the food truck has largely coincided with the rise of fast-casual restaurants, which has shown that the American public is looking for higher-quality ingredients in their quick meals. The run-of-the-mill chain pizza and burger mega-chains that can be found in nearly every shopping center's food court across the nation have lost their appeal.

The food truck phenomenon has served as a rapid and easy solution to the demand for good food and good ingredients - regardless of the locale. Because the outfits are inherently small and mobile, it is very easy for the trucks to follow demand. The use of trucks can be a smart strategy to satisfy tenants that desire a tastier alternative to the typical cafeteria or deli that often inhabits the office.”

2. It’s easy to draw foot traffic

The article also points out some interesting facts about drawing foot traffic, “Many landlords have taken note of this trend, especially when they see the type of foot traffic a group of food trucks can generate. In urban settings, collections of food trucks in public spaces have become serious destinations for consumers.”

3. Finding new tenants

Owners of properties can get new brick and mortar tenants by hosting food trucks. The article says, “The draw could be twofold: either draw in new retail tenants because the nearby food trucks are guaranteed to deliver a certain amount of foot traffic, or turn the food trucks into tenants themselves.

In many cases, food truck owners have created such a following there that they have been able to open their own storefront locations, which works well in areas that are very cold in the winter when people aren't interested in an outdoor meal. One example out of New York City is The Halal Guys, which started as a food cart in midtown and have subsequently opened several storefront locations across the country.”

Of course every food truck is only as successful as the equipment the owners invest in. Hoodmart has a wide range of exhaust fans, ventless hoods, and other high grade commercial kitchen equipment.

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