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Don’t Make These Five Mistakes When Designing Your Commercial Kitchen

commercial kitchen

Designing a commercial kitchen requires a lot of special considerations. You want to keep costs down but you want to ensure everyone has what they need, you want to take care to pass all health codes and you want a kitchen that can grow as your restaurant grows. At Hoodmart, we’ve come up with five mistakes we urge our customers not to make as they design their commercial kitchens.

1. Having the wrong priorities

Yes, you want your commercial kitchen to look nice but you must always remember what its real purpose is. You want an efficient workflow, you want your workers to be safe, and you want to get food to your customers as quickly as possible. Think through what you’ll be cooking, how much you’ll be cooking, and what things you’ll be cooking at the same time. 

2. Choosing the wrong ventilation solutions

If you don’t have the right ventilation in your commercial kitchen then you could be putting your employees at risk. Not only can it lead to smoke in the kitchen, but bad odors can end up in the dining room, ruining the experience of your customers. Of course, grease can also accumulate, which makes the kitchen hard to clean and poses a significant safety concern. If you need help choosing the right commercial ventilation equipment, reach out to Hoodmart today.

3. Selecting the wrong appliances

Choosing appliances is one of the more exciting parts of designing a kitchen, but don’t get caught into the trap of choosing the latest and greatest just because it has all the bells and whistles. Does your staff need those bells and whistles? Do they have the experience and tech know-how to make use of them? It’s better to get a less fancy appliance that does the job well and covers all your bases. 

4. Not including enough wash stations

Cleanup stations aren’t exactly the most glamorous part of the kitchen to plan, but if you don’t make a clear plan for them you could quickly find your cooks buried under a pile of dirty dishes.

5. Not including enough storage space

Don’t just think about what you’ll need the day your restaurant opens. Think about what your needs are likely to be a month, a year, or two years down the road. You will never wish that you had less storage space but you could very easily wish you had more.

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