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Everything You Need to Know About Ventilation for Food Trucks

food truck ventilation

If you’re on the cusp of starting your own food truck business then you already know how many hundreds of decisions you have in front of you. One of the most important choices to make will be about the type of ventilation you have installed in your truck. It will be the heart of your mobile kitchen and they will have to work hard to keep up with your demands. At HoodMart, we’re serious about providing you with the best possible products and have compiled this helpful guide to get you started.

The basics of hood systems

It’s almost impossible to be successful in a commercial kitchen if you don’t have a hood system but this is even truer when it applies to food trucks. You have limited space, which means smoke and vapors can quickly become a serious problem unless you have an exhaust fan to get rid of them.
Remember that your ventilation system plays another role: Collecting small particles of debris. A good example is oil. Without a ventilation system, it would collect on every surface of your food truck, which would break down your surfaces faster – and would shorten the longevity of everything in your food truck.

The two main choices: Custom vs. pre-fab

You have your choice of custom ventilation systems or pre-fab systems. The right choice for your food truck depends on the dimensions of your truck and how much money you have to spend. Because the shape and size and makeup of your food truck will be unique, ideally you’d get a ventilation system that was made uniquely for your truck. However, you can also find pre-built systems that are ready to install and come with excellent additions like fire suppression systems.

Your truck must be in compliance with local and state regulations

The requirements of any local ordinances and state agencies can vary greatly and there may be significant restrictions on what must be installed, how far away from other equipment it can be, etc. Remember that if you’re planning to take your truck to another area, you’ll need to comply with their regulations too.

To mount on the roof or wall

Finally, you’ll need to decide if your external exhaust pipe will be mounted on the roof of your truck or on the wall. Some states specific which option you must have but others don’t. Remember that the roof mount will add extra height to your truck, which may affect your ability to drive under low bridges.
At HoodMart we’ve worked with thousands of clients just like you! Whether you know exactly what you want or you have a ton of questions, we’re here to make the process easy for you.

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