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Exhaust Hood Accessories: an Overview

One of the first investments the operator of a commercial kitchen must make is an investment in a good exhaust hood. A commercial kitchen needs a capable hood to filter out grease, dirt, and other contaminants�but there are other components and add-ons for exhaust hoods that can help further increase the effectiveness of your hood for your kitchen. Here is a rundown on what these accessories are, and how they can help:

  • Grease cups. Grease cups serve the important role of collecting and storing grease extracted from inside the exhaust fan system. Commercial restaurants would do well to invest in this add-on. Be sure that you find a grease extractor that is the right size for your exhaust fan, though!
  • Hinge kits. Hinge kits are necessary to help keep your exhaust fan up to fire code requirement guidelines, by protecting them with a sturdy hinge system. Operating an exhaust fan without a hinge kit violates the law in many jurisdictions�this accessory is a genuine must-have!
  • Grease filters. Grease filters are essential add-on for the functional exhaust hood. As the name suggests, a grease filter collects the grease that runs through a ventilation hood. Grease filters must regularly be changed and eventually be replaced, so be sure that yours is in working order at all times!
  • Exhaust curbs. An exhaust fan curb is the ideal way to mount an exhaust fan within your ventilation hood. HoodMart�s exhaust curbs are made from sixteen gauge-galvanized steel�and, when you order one, you may request it as a wall-mounted curb, flat roof-mounted curb, or pitched roof-mounted curb. Lots of options at a low price!
  • Stainless steel wall panels. Wall panels are a great way to mount and dress an exhaust hood. HoodMart�s wall panels are four feet in width and eighty inches in length, and come with seam strips and end caps. With HoodMart�s quick delivery, you can have one ready to go as soon as possible!
  • Fire wrap. Non-combustible fire wrap is a must-have for the safety-minded commercial kitchen operator. Hoodmart�s UL listed, foil-encapsulated fireproof duct wrap is flexible, and provides a one to two hour fire-rated enclosure. It also complies with the International Mechanical Code, so it�ll be suitable for any kitchen needs and regulations!

HoodMart sells high-functioning exhaust hoods for commercial kitchens. HoodMart is also happy to offer all of the accessories you will need in order to install and maintain a high-functioning commercial kitchen ventilation system. Come look at our options today!

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