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Exhaust Hood Tips: the Importance of a Fire Suppression System

As anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows, safety is priorities one, two, and three in a commercial kitchen! However, beyond knowing what measures to take to keep safe, it is important to understand the devices and procedures which help keep a kitchen safe, clean, and accident-free.

An exhaust hood is the backbone of a successful commercial kitchen. By keeping the kitchen free of grease, debris, and other contaminants, exhaust hoods lay the foundation for a proper ventilation system and a clean kitchen. However, an exhaust hood is most functional when set up with a proper fire suppression system. Here is a look at why a fire suppression system is so important:

  • The threat of a fire is always present in a commercial kitchen; it is up to the employees who use and maintain it to make sure adequate precautions are always being taken! Modern cooking appliances tend to bring flammable oils and greases into close proximity with high-powered heating systems. Naturally, this leads to some good cooking, but it also means that whoever is cooking with these appliances must pay close attention!
  • Ventilation systems and exhaust hoods, too, handle hot greases and other debris. Of course, commercial kitchens contain power lines and gas lines as well, further increasing the number of possible hazards present. But an effective fire prevention system will monitor all of these risks!
  • Fire prevention solutions do a wide variety of things to keep a kitchen safe. They come equipped with full-scale alarm systems that will notify a kitchen�s staff of any safety risks within seconds, and are integrated with protection against grease and other food preparation hazards.
  • HoodMart�s exhaust hoods do not rely on only one solution to put out a potential fire. It is best to use two different extinguishing agents, in order to keep all bases covered for kitchen protection. HoodMart exhaust hoods employ both water and HoodMart Wet Chemical�a specially formulated aqueous solution of an inorganic salt. HoodMart Wet Chemical comes pre-mixed, so you will not need to mix or dilute before using this in your fire prevention system. No toxic by-products are created from the use of Wet Chemical, either!
  • HoodMart is a name you can always trust in commercial kitchen ventilation and safety solutions. If you have your exhaust hood ready to go, it is time to prepare an effective fire prevention system to monitor your kitchen. Look at HoodMart�s options today�at your one-stop hood shop!

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