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Exhaust Systems for Skating Rink Concessions

Roller Skating Rink

Concessions are a staple of many sporting events, including everything from football games to fun nights at the ice skating rink. The Alaska Highway News takes a look at the latter in a recent article titled “Taylor District Ice Centre needs concessions.”

Bronwyn Scott of the Alaska Highway News writes, “The District Ice Centre in Taylor has been left in the lurch and needs a new concession contractor after the existing one left for personal reasons mid-season. Since Jan. 11, the concession has been empty, and with an upcoming pre-novice tournament, the district is keen to find a replacement. It issued a request for proposals Jan. 12, but hasn’t yet had much interest from the community. ‘The sky is the limit of what a person can do, especially in Taylor, because there’s not a whole lot of restaurants for competition,’ said Troy Gould, parks and facilities director. He says there’s ‘potential, depending on the product served and consistency of hours’ to have it be a profitable venture. ‘During the regular usage it’s not a very busy arena, you have mom and dad or maybe the odd sibling that will purchase, but when you get an event, like especially a hockey tournament, you pretty well have teams arriving at 5 a.m. and going until 10 o’clock at night,’ Gould said. While any type of food or business model would be considered, Gould believes that fair-priced, typical concession food—hotdogs, hamburgers and fries—would be a good fit. In the past, a contractor attempted to sell healthy food. ‘The problem with the healthy food was there wasn’t a whole lot of people buying it, and it was hard to keep it in stock because two or three days of a salad sitting in the fridge, it would (go bad),’ he said. ‘When people go to the arena they’re kind of wanting quick, fatty (food).’”

Do you need a kitchen exhaust system for your concessions business? We’ve got you covered at HoodMart, your one stop hood exhaust hood shop for high quality commercial and restaurant kitchen exhaust, grease, odor and fume ventilation equipment. At HoodMart, every commercial kitchen exhaust hood and ventilation system is available with pre-piped fire suppression.

Furthermore, our entire product lineup of Stainless Steel, Hybrid, Makeup-Air and Ventless Exhaust Range Hoods are guaranteed to pass all state and local codes. Our Exhaust Hoods are built to NFPA 96 Standards, are ETL Listed, and comply with UL 710 Standards.

No matter what hood exhaust needs you might have, look no further than HoodMart!

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