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5 of the Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Designing a Commercial Kitchen

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At Hoodmart, we try to stay positive and offer tips on how to improve your commercial kitchen with the latest kitchen ventilation equipment. That said, today we’re going to focus on something different: Avoiding some of the most common mistakes people make.

1. Choosing the wrong priorities

As you begin to design your commercial kitchen, what’s your top priority? If you answered anything except safety or functionality then your priorities are wrong. Don’t choose equipment solely on how it looks or what cool extra features it has. Start by looking for equipment that’s safe and offers the basic functions you need. If it’s also attractive and has some cool extras, great – but that shouldn’t be the top priority.

2. Not property ventilating your commercial kitchen

If your commercial kitchen doesn’t have proper ventilation, then you could be dealing with a serious safety issue in the near future – not to mention bad odors and smoke in your dining room. Of course, the grease accumulating can cause problems of its own too. Work with Hoodmart to find the right ventilation equipment to ensure you’re meeting codes and your own needs.

3. Using the wrong materials

There’s no question that glossy marble is beautiful but it can also be an accident waiting to happen. Don’t choose materials that are either unsafe or difficult to clean. Likewise, skip anything that can be easily damaged by heat. We recommend non-slip materials for the floor, stainless steel behind hot appliances, countertops that are made with anti-microbial materials, etc.

4. Not having enough wash stations

If you’re building a kitchen to handle a large workflow, then you must make sure you’re installing enough wash stations. So often, we see kitchen managers work hard to ensure there are enough prep stations and cooking stations but they forget about wash stations. Before long, their kitchen has piles od dirty dishes. Put wash stations close to the kitchen entrance so it’s easy to drop off dirty dishes.

5. Not enough storage space

Don’t make the mistake of only planning to store what you need to store today. As time goes on, you’ll have more items on your menu, more backups, and different sides. This will require different plates, more prep, etc. Build your kitchen with growth in mind so that it will work for your restaurant for years or even decades to come.

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