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5 Points to Hit When Training Your Employees About Fire Safety

fire safety

As a manager or business owner, one of the most important steps in your fire prevention strategy should be training your employees about fire safety. This includes both ways to try and prevent fire as well as what to do if you’re in a fire. At Hoodmart, we provide comprehensive fire suppression systems that can help keep your company safe but we also want to provide you with these five points to ensure you’re hitting when you train your employees.

1. Make sure everyone understands the evacuation plan

If a fire does happen and it gets out of control, you need to make sure that everyone on your staff knows how to get out and how to get your customers out. A fire evacuation plan should be one part of every new employee training.

2. Make sure proper storage is respected

Proper storage can have a huge impact on your chances of a fire starting in your restaurant. There are two main components to a storage policy. First, make sure that your flammable materials are stored away from cooking areas, electrical wiring, and heat sources. Second, make sure that your chemicals are stored in puncture-resistant containers in an area that’s well ventilated.

3. Keep an eye out

A huge part of preventing fires is for everyone to simply keep an eye out. If someone sees a hazard, then they should move it. Train your workers to keep an eye out for exposed wiring, equipment that’s not working well, or exhaust fan filters that have become clogged.

4. Make sure employees know how to use the machines they’re in charge of

Ensuring that your employees are well trained on the machinery and equipment they’re using will keep your restaurant safer overall and will decrease your chances of a fire. Make sure that employees know how to use the machines, clean them, shut them down, and what to do if they malfunction. And make sure they know how to use a fire extinguisher!

5. Keep your kitchen clean

The most common spot for a fire to start in a restaurant is cooking surface. Ignitions can begin in a grease trap, as a result of fryer oil being spilled on or near other cooking surfaces, or hood filters that have become dirty or clogged. As a result, cleaning your restaurant thoroughly isn’t just about creating a more pleasant working atmosphere – it’s a matter of safety as well.

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