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5 Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Park Your Food Truck

food truck parking

There are many decisions you have to make to operate a food truck successfully. It all starts with the right food truck equipment, the right menu choices, and the right location. Hoodmart is always here to help you with your food truck kitchen ventilation needs, and today we’re here to provide five things you should think about when deciding where to take your food truck.

1. Flexibility

The number one tip to follow is to be flexible. While you may sit down and make out a schedule of all the places you’ll park for the next two weeks, remember that unforeseen issues happen all the time. From weather, to parking issues, you should let your public know you’ll be parking there – but make sure you have a backup plan in place too.

2. Your customer’s technology preferences

Just a few years ago, it was basically a given that your customers wanted to find out where you were via Twitter. Today’s that’s changing. Younger customers – which are often a food truck’s bread and butter – are staying away from social media. You’ll need to really investigate the best way to let everyone know where you are.

3. Variety is key

If you park in one spot one day and run out of food before you can serve the people in line, then you may think going back the next day makes a lot of sense. After all, there were people who didn’t get to try your food. The reality is much different. You do want to go back there, but if you go back right away, the pool of people who want to buy your product is automatically missing the people who ate at your truck the day before. Give them a few weeks to get hungry for your food again.

4. Your favorite locations are going to change

You may love one or two spots and think that they’re exactly where you want to park most of the time, but if they’re truly prime spots, you’ll soon have a cluster food trucks joining you. You must stay ahead of the crowd and keep an eye on the changing scene.

5. People are willing to pay more to visit a food truck

Food trucks used to be known as places to get quick, cheap food. That’s no longer the case. Don’t be afraid to offer premium foods – at premium prices – even in neighborhoods you think aren’t going to be on board. They just may surprise you.

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