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Food Truck Offers Free Food to Police Officers

Police Officers

With the heavy news of late, it’s nice to see some good news. This time it’s coming out of North Idaho, where a local food truck is offering free food to police officers. Some people are surprised to learn that police officers in that jurisdiction can’t accept free food. However, the food truck operator found a unique way to ensure he’s giving back. A local news company posted an article titled North Idaho food truck gives free food to police.

The food truck owner wrote a note on the side of his truck that told police to pull him over to get free food for the week. Unfortunately, the local police let him know that they’re not allowed to accept freebies. However, they found a unique way to take advantage. They are allowed to buy food and have the owner donate that money.

The owner decided to do just that. Now he’s letting police officers know that if they come buy and get a burger, he’ll donate their money. The owner says he’s doing it because his father is a retired member of the Los Angeles Police Department. He knows firsthand what it’s like to be an officer. He feels so bad about officers killed in recent shootings that he knew he had to do something to give back.

The reason that these police officers aren’t allowed to accept free food is pretty simple: the community wants to ensure that their officers are impartial and fair in all their interactions involving the public, including investigations. There is one exception: treats that are brought into the police department and shared with the entire staff can be accepted.

The owner says that all the officers have to do is flag him down and pay for their own burger. He’ll then turn around and donate that money to a law enforcement charity, which hasn’t been named. It’s nice to see the community giving back in such a unique way. At Hoodmart we’re here to support food truck and other restaurant owners to ensure they have the right exhaust systems for their kitchens. Do you have questions about outfitting your truck? Contact us and let us use our years of experience to get you the information you need.

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