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Food Trucks Are on the Rise Across the Country – But Is That a Good Thing?

food trucks

All across the country, more and more regions are seeing a huge boost in food trucks opening. But is that a good thing? According to experts, it’s a great thing indeed.

The reality is that many people don’t have the capital to open a brick-and-mortar store. With a food truck, they can make money, set it aside, and open up a brick and mortar in the future – or expand to more trucks. Either way, one of the advantages of opening a food truck is that it’s a very flexible option.

Food trucks offer flexibility in a number of other ways too. For example, foodies can sample a wide range of cuisine types that they wouldn’t otherwise consider. And the food truck owners can experiment with cuisines, too. With a traditional store, adding a new menu item – or taking one off – can be a lengthy and expensive process. New menus have to be printed, kitchen staff has to be taught how to make the food, and on and on.

Not the case with food trucks. Changing their menu is much easier and in most cases the kitchen staff is limited to just one or two people. Food truck chefs can add specials whenever they feel like making something new and can experiment with different flavors and options before they settle on their favorites.

In fact, some brick and mortar stores have actually opened supplementary food trucks to market test their food. It’s a brilliant move that allows them to experiment and get feedback from the public before changing their tried and true restaurant menus – plus they get paid a little doing it.

Of course, there are expenses involved in starting up a food truck. Proprietors must find the right vendors to work with for everything from food inventory to cleaning supplies. They must also get all the right equipment, starting with a food truck and including all the kitchen ventilation they need. Finally, they must research their local ordinances. Some cities are wising up and welcoming food trucks while others are trying to discourage food trucks by making zoning laws and permit processes more and more restrictive.

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