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Food Trucks Versus Restaurants: Why Are They Going Neck to Neck?

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There’s a lot of talk about putting restrictions on food trucks. Since so many consumers are in favor of food trucks, some wonder: Who is fighting against them? A closer look shows that it’s often local restaurant owners who get others questioning both the regulations and polices of food trucks.

Restaurant owners want to know what “mobile” really means

One of the reasons that some communities are passing ordinances about food trucks is because they want to clarify exactly what “mobile” means. Some restaurant owners have complained that they’ve seen food trucks park for as long as 24 hours in front of their store. Most people can agree that this isn’t a particularly mobile business.

The food trucks have their own complaints

Those who run food trucks say that they’re actually the ones at a disadvantage. They have to jump through hoops with many communities, they must meet requirements of health codes, and in many cases they have to let local authorities know where they’ll be. Food truck owners say that restaurant owners are lucky to have great locations and that food trucks are limited by their small kitchens. One owner suggested that if the restaurant owners are threatened, perhaps they should step up their game.

Food truck owners are also quick to respond to a common complaint from restaurant owners that food trucks don’t have to pay rent. While they may not have a payment for a brick and mortar location, they do have to get permits, restaurant exhaust equipment, make payments on their trucks, etc.

Residents feel that food trucks help

In survey after survey, residents of the areas that are trying to ban food trucks agree that they like having food trucks there. They don’t want them kicked out, they want more choices and affordable options.

The truth is: All restaurants could use our business

No matter what side of the debate you’re on, there’s one thing most people can agree on: Local businesses could always use our dollars. In a perfect world, food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants could exist together without a problem.

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