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Health Inspections 101: What Your Restaurant Needs to Do

Commercial food service establishments of any sort are subject to a variety of local, state, and federal food codes. These codes are designed for the benefit of the dining public, and passing them is a must for any restaurant that is serious about both providing quality food and being allowed to stay open! Here are some of the key things your dining establishment will need to do to keep on top of its game when inspections come around:

  • Employee hygiene must be satisfactory�everyone on your staff must be well groomed and in good enough health to handle food. Each state and county in the U.S. may have its own restrictions, but the types of instructions taught in Food Handler�s certification courses must be followed to the letter.
  • Facilities and surfaces must be clean. The types of cleaning agents, hand sanitizers, and soaps that are acceptable for use in food preparation are sometimes specifically outlined, depending on your location and business. It is good to be aware of such things! There are also strict requirements on when a piece of equipment or a work surface must be washed before further use. An obvious example is if a pot or a pan has touched raw meat�it certainly must be washed before another employee tosses a bushel of kale onto it!
  • The handling, storage, and preparation of food must meet the standards outlined for your restaurant. As soon as any food supplies enter your store, you become responsible for them! Some very strict requirements apply to food; for instance, any food that must be refrigerated must be stored at temperatures lower than 41 degrees Fahrenheit at all times!
  • Your restaurant must have the necessary permit from the health department before it can even open its doors. We would hope that all restaurants have already taken care of this step before beginning to prepare for upcoming inspections, but it is worthy of being repeated!
  • Proper ventilation�your restaurant will not get far in an inspection without a fully functional ventilation system. A proper exhaust hood filters out all kinds of contaminants from the air and helps reduce the risk of fires while keeping the air quality and cleanliness up to par (or, if you have a Hoodmart exhaust hood, above par). There is simply too much riding on health inspections for public dining establishments to rely on mediocre equipment to get by. Hoodmart�s exhaust hoods and fans are a must for any restaurant that strives to provide the best service it is capable of providing! Shop online today.
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