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How to Clean and Maintain Your Fusible Link

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Your commercial kitchen’s fire protection systems and fire suppression systems are two of the most important elements of your kitchen. It’s true that your fire protection system initially looks overly complicated and as though it works through a series of complex parts. The reality is that those parts all work seamlessly to keep you, your staff, and your property safe from the consequences of a kitchen fire – or at least they should work seamlessly, assuming they’re properly maintained.

With such a complex system, it’s likely no surprise that one of the most important pieces is a tiny element. It’s known as the fusible link, and you may have never heard of it. At Hoodmart we encourage you to learn what it is, how you can clean it, and how it must be maintained. Doing so can help you improve the safety of your kitchen.

What exactly is a fusible link?

The fusible link works with your fire protection system and it looks like just a tiny piece of metal. In reality, it’s made of a special metal that’s capable of withstanding very high temperatures. If the temperature gets higher than that temperature, then the link releases and the fire suppression system kicks in. As you can see, this is an essential part of your entire firefighting system and taking care of it is essential.

How to keep your fusible link clean and well maintained

Any time you call to have your vent hood system cleaned or serviced, they should be cleaning your fusible link with their own unique system. However, you can generally do it yourself with nothing more than a damp cloth. The NFPA is clear that you shouldn’t use cleaning chemicals on this spot, so simply wiping it with a damp clothing and then making sure it’s dry is enough.

You should also keep an eye on it and make sure that if it starts to show signs of corrosion that you call in the professionals to repair or replace. No matter how small this one piece seems to be, it is necessary to ensure your fire system is working correctly. This tiny piece of metal could be the difference between your kitchen surviving a fire and losing your entire kitchen.

If you have questions about how to clean or maintain fire suppression systems, Hoodamrt is here for you! We also offer package systems for sale.

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