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How to Open and Close Your Restaurant’s Exhaust Fan

commercial kitchen exhaust hood

There are many reasons you may need to access the exhaust fan in your restaurant, from regular cleaning to routine maintenance to making repairs. Fire inspectors will also need to safely and easily access your fan so that they can ensure you’re up to code. If you’re able to open and close the fan correctly, you significantly reduce the chance that you could damage the bowl or seals of the fan.

Hoodmart is here to help you learn how to open upblast exhaust fans. You want to keep yourself safe, your employees safe, and your fan secure. Read on to learn more and then feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Step one: Turn off the power

Before you get started, you need to shut off all power to the fan. This will ensure that the person who’s accessing the fan is safe and it will also help prevent damage to the exhaust fan. For example, if your goal was to clean your fan and you didn’t cut the power first, the quick-moving parts within could easily injure the person opening the fan and the fan could get damaged.

Step Two: Invest in an exhaust fan safety handle

Not only is it easier to use an exhaust fan safety handle, it will also keep you safer. These handles attach right the hinged lid on the outer hull of your fan. They’re fixed very securely and they include a grooved grip. Together, this combo ensures you can easily open the lid, no matter how heavy it may be, much more easily. You also get a stronger hold.

These handles also come out a bit from the perimeter of the hull, which ensures that your hands and fingers are clear of the closures, hinges, and anything inside that could catch on your skin or your clothing. You can buy these handles to attach to any unit.

Step Three: Ensure you have an exhaust fan access panel

Current fire codes specific that every exhaust fan needs an access panel. However, even if there wasn’t a requirement, this port is a great way to make it much easier to clean your exhaust fan. It allows service technicians to inspect and clean components that you may otherwise have a very difficult time reaching.

At Hoodmart we provide many solutions to all your kitchen ventilation needs. Reach out to us with any questions you have and we’ll gladly put our expertise to work for you.

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