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How to Save Money When Equipping Your Commercial Kitchen

commercial kitchen equipment

As you look for the right equipment for your commercial kitchen, there are several factors in play. You know that you want equipment that can stand up to the rigors you’ll put it through on a daily basis, but you don’t want to spend more than you have to. The good news is that there are some simple ways to save money on commercial kitchen equipment and Hoodmart is suggest a few.

Make sure you’re only buying what you need

Often times, the people opening a restaurant have a background either in the culinary world or in the world of finance and restaurant management. Neither of these backgrounds guarantees that they know what restaurant equipment is necessary. One way to save right off the bat is to work with companies who are experts in their particular type of equipment. Get honest opinions on what you really need and what would just be a luxury.

Don’t buy all your equipment from a single company

We’ve seen it time and time again – people open up a restaurant and buy all their equipment from a single company that offers a huge range of restaurant equipment. This may save some money but it can mean overpaying and it will certainly mean sacrificing getting good advice. After all, who do you think would know their equipment better – a salesperson for a company that only sells ventilation equipment or a salesperson for a company that sells hundreds of different products?

Buy directly from the manufacturer

When you buy from a company that only sells the equipment you need, you’re going to pay more – it’s just that simple. Why? Because the company that manufacturers the equipment has to sell it for more than it cost them to make. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t make a profit and they wouldn’t be in business for long!

So let’s say that manufacturer sells their equipment to a third party. That third party then has to increase the price again so they can make a profit. In some cases, that third party is a distributor who sells it to a store, who must then raise the price again. It’s easy to see how costly this can get for the consumer.

On the other hand, when you buy direction from a company like Hoodmart, you won’t be paying that middle man just to get products to you.

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