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The Importance of Ice: Learn about the Options Available to Your Restaurant


If you're like many restaurant managers, you assume that all ice is essentially created equal and that as long as you have an ice machine, you don't need to think about much more. However, from the shape of the ice to how pure the water is, there are many factors involved in ice that can affect the quality of any chilled beverages you sell. Here are five ice options and the ways in which they're best utilized. Read on to learn more and then reach out to Hoodmart for help with your kitchen's ventilation needs.

Half cubes of ice

These are small, easy to handle ice cubes. They're perfect for blended drinks on account of the fact that half cubes break down easily. Once they do break down, they create a finish that's smooth and creamy. If you have an ice dispenser, half cubes work great in them. In fact, they're very versatile in a variety of dispensing ways.

Full ice cubes

If your restaurant does a good business with cocktails, full cubes of ice may be best. They have a lower surface area, which means that there's less water melting – and less diluting of the flavor of the cocktail. Full ice cubes also look cool and are great for any type of large-volume application. For example, they're good for bulk cooling.

Gourmet ice cubes

These types of ice are all about the aesthetics. They're shaped uniquely, they're crystal clear, and they're perfect for upscale dining, fine dining, and even high end receptions such as weddings. They add elegance to any application, whether retail or restaurant.

Pearl Ice

A great choice for an old fashioned soda fountain or a spot that sells smoothies, Pearl Ice is soft, chewable, and lasts for a long time. It dispenses very smoothly, is quick to blend, and displaces liquids better compared to cubed ice. It's a great choice for convenience stores and restaurants.

Flake ice

Finally, we have flake ice, which does a great job maintaining hydration of food. As a result, it's a great choice for food applications and can actually extend the lifespan of food. It's great to preserve and boost the appearance of everything from seafood to veggies. It's also a good choice for perishable food transport.

These are just a few of the many ices out there. If you're looking for affordable ventilation equipment for your kitchen, Hoodmart is here to help.

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