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Installing Commercial Kitchens on Agricultural Property: Is it the Future of Fine Dining?

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There’s no question that fine dining is on the upswing, as diners are willing to pay more for unique food or a particularly interesting dining experience. As part of running a fine dining establishment, management must look for ways to provide the freshest possible ingredients. One of the interesting ways they’re starting to do so is to build the restaurant and kitchen right on the property of the farm that supplies their food. 

Those who’ve done it says it adds value around

There are some areas throughout the country that are opening fine dining eateries on farm land, including a spot in New Hampshire. The farmer notes that margins are shrinking on raw farm products and it only made sense to bring in a chef, commercial kitchen equipment, and staff to build a restaurant on site.

The farm gets tons of value because they’re not only able to use their food to a higher profit point, but they no longer have to worry about transporting their goods. In fact, this is a great advantage for environmental advocates who promote eating food as close to where it’s grown as possible.

Chefs win out because they have a plethora of fresh, delicious ingredients at their disposal. Instead of ordering their products, herbs, meats, etc., and hoping that what they get is up to their high standards, they can walk the farm on their own to decide what looks good on any given day.

There are two large obstacles to success with a fine dining restaurant on a farm

First of all, the cost can be high. Many farms don’t have much capital at all, let alone the capital needed to invest in a new restaurant opening. The good news is that there are ways to make it more affordable. For example, Hoodmart offers direct pricing for commercial ventilation equipment and more.

The second main obstacle is getting people to drive into the country for dinner. This may not be an issue within ten miles or so of a relatively large city, but most farms aren’t that close to a city at all. In order to get the restaurant filled every night, the managers and openers must immediately create a destination worthy restaurant. Social media is a great resource is getting the world out and has worked for several restaurants trying this new concept.

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