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Is Your Commercial Kitchen Doing Everything It Can to Control Grease?

commercial kitchen grease

Most everyone involved in a commercial kitchen would admit that their kitchen has more grease than they’d like. If that grease isn’t handled the way it should be, then equipment can get damaged, odors can develop, fires can start, and you could be non-compliant with government restrictions and health codes. Hoodmart is here today with some tips to help your kitchen ensure it’s doing all it can.

Handling grease in the kitchen

More than six in ten clogged sewage lines and drains is the result of grease buildup. Lines can get clogged as cold water hits oil and grease, causing it turn solid. Despite what you may have heard, mixing grease with soap and water won’t fix the problem – in fact, it can stick to the side of the pipes. NFPA 96 requires that your kitchen exhaust system includes grease filters but there are other ways to control grease within your commercial kitchen:

  • Don’t pour grease in the sink or down floor drains.
  • Use dishwashers that clean at low temperatures to lower the grease that gets into your sewage lines.
  • Make sure every kitchen hood has a grease filter and that it’s cleaned regularly.
  • Teach your employees to follow these procedures.

Controlling grease on your roof

If your upblast exhaust fan is working correctly, then it’s discharging all kinds of oil, grease, and other debris – and it’s collecting on your roof. That’s why you need to take special steps to control grease on the roof. Not only will it keep you compliant with codes, but it can help prevent fires and can even keep your roof from being damaged.

The National Fire Protection Association has created codes to follow. These include how what grease capture systems are necessary for a ventilation fan. If you use a good rooftop grease containment system, it lets water go through the way it should, but it actually prevents oily residue from getting out.

Do you need additional help with grease containment?

If you need additional assistance ensuring that your commercial kitchen is up to code, reach out to Hoodmart today. We know that you want to keep your employees safe, protect the investment you’ve made in the kitchen, and keep your costs to a minimum. We’re here to help you achieve all these goals. Reach out today and get the peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can.

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