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Is Your Exhaust Fan Making Strange Noises? 3 Quick Fixes to Try

exhaust fan

If you notice that your exhaust fan is making strange noises then it’s worth it to take a peek. If the issue is a minor one then you can easily fix it yourself. If it’s a major issue, then replacing the part before it does damage to other aspects of your ventilation system is a must. Here are three fixes to try if you’ve noticed a strange noise coming from your exhaust fan. Just remember to cut the power to your fan before you take any of these steps.

1. Check to see if the fan wheel is rubbing on the base

If you can see that the fan wheel is rubbing on the base then you’ll be tempted to just end the wheel away from the spot it’s making contact. This will likely work but remember that it’s just a temporary fix. In the long run, it can cause damage to your equipment.

A better option is to re-center the wheel. This requires removing the belt, loosening the nuts that hold the bearings, and changing the position of the wheel so that it can be locked into the spot it should be in. You may need to use washers to tilt the wheel back.

2. Check to ensure the anti-vibration mounts are intact

Your fan’s motor sits on rubber mounts that are installed specifically to absorb vibration. If they wear out, you won’t have that cushioning and metal may be meeting metal. This can cause strange and irritating noises. To replace your mounts, take off the bolts that hold your fan in place, take out the old pieces of rubber, and replace them with new ones. Finally, screw the bolts into place.

3. Check the condition of the bearings and shaft

You may have to remove the entire fan belt and take the shaft out to see if there’s anything in the way of it moving. Does your shaft look as though it’s been worn down? Is it close from the bearing hub? Does the bearing hub move or has it become loose? The best way to fix a bearing or shaft problem will vary based on the issue. You may need to just reposition it or you may have to replace it altogether.

If you get to a point that you need to make replacements, Hoodmart is here to offer competitive prices on the top ventilation products on the market.

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