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An Essential Refresher: Keeping Your Kitchen Safe from Electrical Fires

Kitchen Fire Suppression

It’s hard to imagine a commercial kitchen manager who doesn’t know how important it is to have a safe kitchen – and who doesn’t understand that knowing the ins and outs of potential electrical issues is a part of that. However, at Hoodmart we know how busy kitchen managers can get. Sometimes the simplest safety considerations are the first to get pushed aside. Today we’ve compiled some of the simple things to remember about electricity in a commercial kitchen.

Water and electricity should never mix

If you have water that’s spilled or seeping into an area that isn’t set up as a wet area, then you should immediately turn off all appliances. When it comes time to plug in or unplug an appliance, don’t do so with wet hands. An electric appliance should not be handled with wet hands in any situation.

Ensure that all electrical installations are working well

You need your electrical equipment to be inspected, tested, maintained, and tagged on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for cords that are frayed, wires that become exposed, or any smoke coming out of an appliance. If you have equipment that appears to be faulty, get it out of the kitchen right away and then attach an obvious warning label so that it’s not used again until it’s been repaired.

Don’t overload your power points

You can easily damage your electrical system, or even cause a fire, if you plug too much into one outlet or one extension cord. Turn off all your equipment that isn’t used regularly and make sure that your kitchen has enough power points to not overload your system. A commercial kitchen typically shouldn’t have double adapters or extension leads.

Let the professionals do the wiring

If you need to install or repair any type of electrical equipment, hire a licensed electrician to take care of it for you. Don’t try to repair any type of cord or equipment without comprehensive training on how to do so. It’s not only dangerous not to follow this tip, but it’s actually illegal and is likely to void the insurance you have on your restaurant.

Make sure your fire suppression system is up to date

You can do a lot to try to prevent electrical fires but they may happen anyway. This is why you need a fire suppression system. Hoodmart can help you find the right option for your particular restaurant. Reach out today to learn more.

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