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Long Cycle vs. Short Cycle Hoods: Which One is Better?

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You have a lot of options when it comes to cycle hoods but many restaurant owners wonder: Are long cycle or short cycle hoods better? Hood Mart offers short cycle hoods and we believe they’re a far superior product, for several reasons.

As you consider the options, first consider this: Are you going to end up paying more for long cycle extras that you don’t even need? The truth is that long cycle hoods with a PSP system are going to cost you more. They are more expensive up-front, they cost more to install, and they’ll result in higher energy bills month after month.

But that’s not even all the reasons that long cycle hoods aren’t a great choice. They actually blow down – not up – which means they’re blowing right on your cooking staff. They’re hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The only way to make them comfortable is to spend a ton of money on an expensive roof top make-up air furnace.

Your other option: Hood Mart’s short cycle exhaust hoods

There’s no question, if you choose our short cycle exhaust hoods you’ll end up spending less. This is our flagship hood and it’s our most popular Type 1 Hood in the entire restaurant and food service kitchen business. It’s unbelievably energy efficient and has exceptional exhaust flow rates. What’s more, you get fantastic capture and ventilation.

There are other reasons to choose it though. First, the up-front cost is lower, plus you don’t have to buy a costly tempered unit. Second, it’s more affordable to install. Third, your energy bills will be lower because you won’t have to pay heating bills to run a tempered make-up air unit. Finally, they don’t blow directly on your staff!

When you choose the Hood Mart short cycle exhaust hoods, they have an internal make-up air, which means room temperature will not be affected. You get fresher air – which means healthier and happier employees. The air is introduced within via the boundaries of the hood so that the staff isn’t exposed to the air flow at all.

As you can see, Hood Mart has a cost effective option to hot, expensive, inefficient kitchen standards. Do you have questions about your other options? Then reach out to us today! We’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your commercial kitchen.

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