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More and More Studies Show that Food Trucks Are Popular with City Restaurants

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Municipalities across the country are getting involved in the great food truck debate. Some areas are welcoming to food trucks and make it easier for them to operate. Other areas have passed restrictive laws that make it impossible for food trucks to operate. Regardless of how different city governments feel about food trucks, one thing has recently been made clear: An overwhelming number of residents like them.

Almost 80% of people feel “very favorable” about allowing food trucks in their area

According to one recent survey, 78.6% of people surveyed said they felt “very favorable” about allowing food trucks in their area. The number of people who said they were “not favorable at all”? Less than 4%. This is some pretty convincing evidence that people do want food trucks in their city.

Reasons consumers are excited about food trucks

The survey also asked consumers what they liked about food trucks. The most common response was that they liked have more options and inexpensive options to have a quick meal. More than 91% of people who worked in a downtown area said that they would frequent a food truck if one was there, while just 8% said they wouldn’t be willing to try it.

Most people feel that food trucks enhance shopping experiences

Respondents were also asked if they believed that having food trucks present in a shopping district would make their shopping experience better and 62% said that it would enhance their shopping. 3.4% said that food trucks would take away from their shopping experience.

Food truck revenue is on the rise

It’s an exciting time to be in the mobile food business. From just 2010 to 2015, the food truck revenue nationwide grew almost 10% each year for a total of $857 million in 2015. This seems like a pretty good indicator that the trend is here to stay for the moment.

Restaurants are mostly against food trucks

Of course, the demographic that’s most consistently against food trucks are restaurants. They don’t want to compete with food trucks that can sweep in during their busiest hours and take customers away.

If you’re considering opening a food truck, now may be the best time to do it. Just make sure you have the right restaurant equipment to be in compliance with local health codes. When you buy ventilation equipment from Hoodmart, it’s guaranteed to pass health codes. We can help you select the right equipment for your needs. Just reach out to us today!

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