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Preparing for the Worst in Your Kitchen

Building Destroyed by Fire

Kitchen fires don’t just lead to costly damages. In many cases, there are also injuries, and in the worst cases, fatalities. Not having a proper hood exhaust system is not worth the risk. Consider a recent article for the St. Catherine’s Standard titled “Senior dies from injuries in kitchen fire.”

Bill Sawchuk of the St. Catherine’s Standard writes, “A small kitchen fire that took the life of a St. Catharines senior did only $50 damage to the property. Paramedics took the man to hospital in critical condition Wednesday from his residence at 120 Dufferin St. E. He died later that night. ‘The crews put the fire out with an extinguisher,’ said St. Catharines fire Chief Dave Wood. ‘The resident tried to move the hot product outside in a garbage can and in the process spilled it on himself. Wood said he couldn’t talk about the substance that caught fire because the investigation is in the hands of the Ontario Fire Marshal. St. Catharines fire prevention officers and Niagara Regional Police are also part of the investigation. ‘He had second- and third-degree burns to a large portion of his body. He was in his mid-80s, and he couldn’t recover from the injuries he sustained. ‘It’s a sad day for the victim and his family. It’s also a sad day for the community, because we have lost one of our own.’ Neighbour Josh Sev said he had done some painting for the senior, who lived a couple of doors down the street. ‘He was a very nice old man,’ Sev said. ‘I know he had just had heart surgery. I didn’t see him much, I’m working in the daytime. ‘I heard something happened in the kitchen. I saw all the fire trucks. You look at the house and it looks like nothing happened, but I guess they threw it outside. It burned a garbage can.’ Another neighbour said he had heard the substance was paraffin wax.”

When it comes to fire suppression systems for your kitchen, we’ve got you covered at HoodMart, your one stop hood exhaust hood shop for high quality commercial and restaurant kitchen exhaust, grease, odor and fume ventilation equipment. At HoodMart, every commercial kitchen exhaust hood and ventilation system is available with pre-piped fire suppression.

Furthermore, our entire product lineup of Stainless Steel, Hybrid, Makeup-Air and Ventless Exhaust Range Hoods are guaranteed to pass all state and local codes. Our Exhaust Hoods are built to NFPA 96 Standards, are ETL Listed, and comply with UL 710 Standards.

No matter what hood exhaust and kitchen fire suppression system needs you might have, look no further than HoodMart!

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