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Short Cycle vs. Long Cycle Exhaust Hoods

Long Cycle Vs. Short Cycle Exhaust Hoods

Exhaust hoods often come with makeup air systems. These pumps are coveted in heavy-duty commercial kitchens for their ability to replace air cycled out of a kitchen by an exhaust hood, thus maintaining a stable air pressure and a clean environment.

First-time hood buyers will face several key choices when purchasing a hood. One choice for those buying exhaust hoods with makeup air systems is whether to buy a long cycle or short cycle exhaust hood. Long hood cycles are trumped up as a fancier choice, but are they worth the extra money or are their extra features smoke and mirrors? Here’s a closer look:

  • Long cycle hoods are exhaust hoods with makeup air and a perforated supply plenum (PSP). PSP systems are, as a rule, considerably more expensive than systems without PSP. This may be obvious to the prospective buyer when scanning prices, but the extra cost runs deeper than this: the ongoing costs of a PSP are higher as well. This includes installation costs, energy bills, and costs of repairs. Yikes!
  • PSPs are geared to cycle air downward. Unfortunately for the kitchen staff, this means that the air being circulated out will often blow directly onto their heads! They produce a great deal of heat in the summer, which can be inconvenient and unsafe for employees. PSP exhaust make up air systems also get cold quickly in the winter and need accommodations in order to run properly. A giant rooftop furnace, which is no small expense, is usually the recommended remedy.
  • Short cycle exhaust hoods contain their makeup air systems internally, within the framework of the exhaust hood. They cost less money up-front—especially when bought directly from the manufacturer and they save money for a commercial kitchen throughout their lifespans! This includes lower repair costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs—all hallmarks of short cycle exhaust hood makeup air systems.
  • Short cycle exhaust hood system does not impact room temperature in a kitchen, regardless of the season. This means you will not have to buy an expensive rooftop furnace, will not have to cope with an oppressively hot kitchen in the summertime, and will not have to pay through the teeth for a good makeup air system!

HoodMart proudly specializes in efficient, inexpensive short cycle makeup air exhaust hood systems. With internal makeup air fans, low costs, and help with delivery and installation, HoodMart offers all the products and services a savvy commercial kitchen operator needs to assemble a great ventilation system!

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