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Solutions to Common Problems with Restaurant Exhaust Fans

restaurant exhaust fans

Most commercial exhaust fans are reliable but that doesn’t mean that issues don’t arise once in a while. In many cases, you can actually troubleshoot and fix issues on your own. To figure out what the problem is, start by taking a look at the components of the fan to see if they’re all operating the way they should. Then see if there are any parts doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

Check out your owner’s manual

Be sure to look at your service manual or owner’s manual. Begin with components that are easy to see and access and then work your way to more complex systems. You want to narrow down your focus and then figure out what should be happening while your fan is operating.

Common problem: The fan isn’t drawing air

One of the most common problems is a fan that’s not drawing air properly. In most cases it’s due to one of three issues: a fan that’s running backward, a fan that’s running too slow, and a clogged hood filter. If the issue is that your fan is running backwards, then the air will be simply pushed around – not propelled the way it should be. You should have information on the fan motor that tell you how to change blade rotation.

If the issue is that the fan is running too slowly, then you’ll need to get an amp peter and clamp it to any power line on your fan. Compare the number you see to the number of amps your motor is capable of handling (that info will be listed on the motor). If your motor is capable of handling additional speed then you can simply adjust the pulley until it’s screwed closer.

In the event that your motor is already running at capacity, and you’re not happy with what you’re getting, then it may be time to replace it. Contact Hoodmart and we can help you find the right fan with enough amps and horsepower for your needs.

Finally, if the problem is caused by a clogged filter then all you need to do is clean your filter out today and then make a point of cleaning it out either weekly or even daily to prevent the issue from happening in the future.

Still having problems? Hoodmart is here to help. We offer a wide range of quality restaurant equipment and all the expertise you need.

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