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Steps You Can Take to Make Your Kitchen Safer

Restaraunt Kitchen

There is a lot you can do to make your restaurant’s kitchen safer. Consider a recent article for titled “Make Your Hotel Kitchen Safer with These 6 Easy Steps.”

Mace Bourgeois of writes, “Kitchens are the most important part of restaurants. All the behind-the-scenes action takes place here. From prepping the ingredients and cooking them to the garnishing, everything happens here. Several dishes are prepared simultaneously, due to which there is constant, pressure and frenzy. Think about it: every commercial kitchen has a dozen people working in it continuously. The chefs, the waiters, and the helpers are all present together in one place doing different chores. Commercial kitchens are busy places and can become a playground for chaos and hazards if proper safety precautions are not taken. If you own a hotel or a restaurant, or are planning to open one soon, make sure you invest in safe and well-functioning kitchen equipment. Here are six easy tips you can follow to keep your commercial kitchen safe... With excessive heat, grease and oils around, fires can flare up any time. Kitchen fires, if not curbed properly, can cause destruction to property and human life. Fire and flammable substances will always be present in a kitchen, which can consequently lead to damage. As a hotel/restaurant owner, you need to take appropriate precautions beforehand. How do you do that? Install the best, and most responsive kitchen fire suppression system to prohibit potential danger. Opt for kitchen fire suppression systems from a company that provides trained technicians to not only install them, but also inspect and service them periodically. This will prevent much confusion and trouble. Also, with laws becoming more specific regarding commercial kitchen fire suppression systems, it is a good idea to get an effective system from a reliable company. Besides, more and more restaurateurs are switching to vegetable oil for cooking. Vegetable oil burns hotter than its animal-based counterpart and causes more deadly fires that are difficult to extinguish. Check the fire suppression system's ratings before buying to ensure your system is equipped to deal with difficult and large fires. The current U.S codes require a UL300 hood extinguishing system, along with a K-rated fire extinguisher.”

When it comes to fire suppression systems for your kitchen, we’ve got you covered at HoodMart, your one stop hood exhaust hood shop for high quality commercial and restaurant kitchen exhaust, grease, odor and fume ventilation equipment. At HoodMart, every commercial kitchen exhaust hood and ventilation system is available with pre-piped fire suppression.

Furthermore, our entire product lineup of Stainless Steel, Hybrid, Makeup-Air and Ventless Exhaust Range Hoods are guaranteed to pass all state and local codes. Our Exhaust Hoods are built to NFPA 96 Standards, are ETL Listed, and comply with UL 710 Standards.

No matter what hood exhaust and kitchen fire suppression system needs you might have, look no further than HoodMart!

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