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Students Learn About the Ins and Outs of Food Trucks


The food truck craze shows no signs of slowing down and so it makes sense to get kids involved. A Minnesota town is doing just that, as showcased in the CBS Minnesota article titled Middle School Students Visit Food Truck To Learn About Starting A Business. Nina Moini writes:

“After learning how to build their own food truck business, students at Jordan Middle School got a very special treat Monday morning. They ate lunch with The Outlaw Grill Food Truck and had a hands-on opportunity to learn about food prep and service. The class gives students the real-life skills they need to be successful in the future.

Students started out with a concept, then grew their ideas into businesses — from chocolate cupcakes, to Mini-Mega-Muffins, to Waffles on Wheels. Eighth graders put together a business model for their own food truck as part of their entrepreneurship project for Family and Consumer Sciences. “Each student brings something different to the table when it comes to this project,” teacher Ann Jans said.

Jans says after calculating the cost and deciding a price, the students were able to make and sell their product at the school’s snack bar. “It gives everyone that chance to utilize their skills in a real-life setting,” she said. Local Chiropractor Dr. Jeff May worked with the school to bring in the food truck, teaching kids what it means to own a business, and learning how to be their own boss. “It looks like kids are just lined up at a food truck, but what’s happening is the next generation is being inspired,” he said.

Family and Consumer Science is a required class for all 7th and 8th graders at Jordan Middle School. Total Health Advantage sponsored the event.”

It sounds like these kids learned some valuable lessons. At Hoodmart we love seeing folks open up their own businesses and the earlier kids can learn about the many important steps involved in running a business, the better their shot will be at succeeding.

For today’s small business owners, Hoodmart is proud to provide a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment. If you need assistance deciding what the right products are for your unique restaurant or food truck, just get in touch with us. We are your number one source when you need a combination of expertise and competitive prices.

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