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10 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Commercial Kitchen

commercial kitchen

Are you spending too much money on utilities in your commercial kitchen? Hoodmart is here to offer a variety of tips – some big and some small – that can help you cut down on your costs.

  1. Buy equipment that’s energy efficient. Estimates show that restaurants save as much as $15,000 per year simply by using ENERGY STAR approved equipment.
  2. Make sure your equipment is maintained. The simplest maintenance steps, like cleaning equipment, checking your seals, and changing your filters, can have a huge impact on how energy efficient your equipment is.
  3. Check your air. On average, a restaurant spends almost 30% of their energy expenses heating and cooling their restaurant. Consider energy-efficient hoods, AC, and thermostats.
  4. Use efficient lighting. You could save big just by changing out your lighting. Consider that every bulb you switch to an energy efficient bulb will save around $30 over its lifetime.
  5. Establish and follow a shut-down and start-up schedule. There’s no reason to pay to power appliances or equipment you’re not using. Turn on your heating and cooking equipment 20 minutes before you’ll need it. That’s plenty of time for most equipment to get preheated. Then turn off all lights, hoods, exhaust fans, signs, and ranges when they’re not in use.
  6. Don’t waste hot water. When you reduce your hot water usage, you’ll save on both your water bill and your energy bill.
  7. Retrofit old equipment to make it more energy efficient. Simply adding refrigerator strip curtains can make a big difference. Other items that can save you include variable-speed hood fans, evaporative fan motors, and low-flow valves.
  8. Take a look at the organization in your kitchen. Your refrigerator won’t have to work as hard if it’s separate from your hot equipment. Use a single vent for your hottest appliances: burners, broilers, steamers, etc.
  9. Get your employees on board. The simplest step is to talk to your employees and make sure they’re following basic energy-saving protocol like closing doors and turning off burners.
  10. Look into an energy assessment. Most utility companies will provide an energy assessment free of charge. It’s a great way to get an idea of efficiency options that apply specifically to your kitchen.

Hoodmart is here to help you find the right equipment for your kitchen. When you need kitchen fans and exhaust hoods, we have you covered.

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